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I am originally from the beautiful country of South Africa... Cape Town, to be specific. I have a degree in design from the University of Cape Town and my studies have led me to my true passion in life which is photography! I have been a professional photographer for over 12 years and have worked with some of the world's largest organizations and have traveled the world photographing all of the amazing people and the beauty that nature has to offer. I have a passion for people and life. I believe love is the reason for living! In 2010 I met the man of dreams and left my home country to be with him here in America. I am very excited and happy to have built Ella Gagiano Photography here in the amazing city of Las Vegas!

Happy to be in Las Vegas!

I moved from my beloved South Africa to be with the man I love, Jason Neistadt. I have traveled the world taking photographs of the most amazing places and honestly never thought that I would be so happy to live in a desert! But here I am and it is all because of love.

In my camera bag.

I shoot completely digital. My main camera is a Canon 5D Mark 2 and my back up camera is a Canon 7D. If I use a flash it is a 580 ex2 and I will always bring a studio lighting kit just in case.